How did fCN begin?

The network of people I knew was growing and very diverse: from captains of industry to doctors, lawyers, artists, young entrepreneurs, people representing cultural institutions – even politicians.

It was then that I noticed my capacity for listening enabled me to see connections between others.

What kind of connections?

Someone I’d meet would be looking for something, or had a certain challenge. A few days or weeks later, I’d meet someone who had just the thing that person was looking for. A perfect fit. So I started linking people. Then, one day I realised I had to formalise this connecting of people. And that’s when I started the fCN.



Is it fair to say you are the linchpin between all fCN members?

Most definitely. I know all of them personally, their business, their personal interests. And I really connect with them because I see links and connections that most people don’t. Add to this the fact that I have a photographic memory and am supported worldwide by all the co-founders and a great team, and you can imagine the power of the fCN!

You’re clearly a ‘people person’. Where did that come from?

Both my parents were teachers and exposed me to a multitude of knowledge. Therefore, I was brought up with a broad outlook on life plus a wide range of interests. I was on a quest for knowledge in the broadest sense of the word. And I believe the best way to acquire knowledge is through meeting people. I turned meeting people and learning from them into an art form. It explains my fascination for people. I want to meet them, get to know them and learn from them. My ambition in fact is to meet as many people as possible, people with an interesting story… people with a vision.


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