We are meeting Merlin Melles, founder of fCN and Pearlcard, because she has an interesting update with us to share.

Merlin, would you like to share the latest developments with the Pearlcard?

Yes, absolutely! We are very proud and happy to tell you we recently added Healthcare to the Pearlcard services. A truly brand new feature!

Why did you come up with this new feature?

Well, growing inside our fCN network is an elaborate medical network and we know many specialists. So we decided we want all our members to benefit from that, especially because we will all agree that nothing is more important than our health. That’s why Pearlcard offers you the fastest access to the best care.

Ok, that sounds all very useful. How does this work in practice?

What Pearlcard allows you is to make an appointment with the right specialist, without any delay. By simply asking your question regarding a specific condition or treatment, we show you where best to go and where there is the least delay.

Our medical experts will then provide you with an overview of recent, personally relevant literature and recommend or connect you with the best cardiologists, oncologists, E.N.T. specialists, orthopedists and many other medical specialists.

Also part of their goal is helping you to create a health and vitality plan.

In a nutshell – it is the fastest access to the best care.

Can you give some examples of how this works?

Of course. We offer our members the opportunity to ask a question about a certain treatment that will basically lead to the following answers:

  1. The top 5 institutes
  2. The top 5 specialists
  3. Options abroad
  4. Short overview of the most up to dat literature concerning your enquiry and
  5. A phone consult with MyClic team member

Click on below picture to listen to Merlin talk about the Pearlcard  Healthcare service.

Which is the most used service so far?

Interesting question. So far it has been Cardiology. But we really want try to keep people away from the specialists. In fact, we want our members to help stay or become fit by means of an online prevention tool called MyCLIC. This will provide them with devices to conduct health measurements themselves. The results of these measurements are being sent directly from your smart phone to our team of medical professionals who monitor your health, wherever in the world you are.

Can you tell a bit more about MyCLIC?

MyCLIC is basically an innovative e-Health program. It generates quite elaborate and personal lifestyle advice. The program is based on extensive scientifically supported algorithms and the advice result is 100% personalized.

And the good thing is that the MyCLIC program is also available for partners, family members and even employees of our fCN members.

But when you really need an immediate Cardio check, how does that work?

Well, that’s indeed very important. For starters, our cardio program is very extensive and consists of a complete cardio logical check-up, including E.C.G., exercise test and echocardiogram. And as our members are travelling a lot, they now can, from anywhere in the world, have access to their multilingual online Cardio file.

And when needed, we provide you with devices to measure blood pressure, weight, create your own heart film. With that info, you use the apps on your smart phone and connect directly with our team.

Summing up: our care professionals are but one call away.

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