Catching up with Merlin Melles about the Pearlcard
We are meeting Merlin in her Amsterdam office, which is located close to the center and on the borders of the famous Vondelpark.

Merlin, can you tell us how you came to launch the Pearlcard?
Yes, I certainly can. I basically noticed in my network there was a great need for support of all sorts. This ranges from a second opinion from a cardiologist to support in booking a last-minute business trip to close a mega deal. That’s really in a nutshell why we introduced the Pearlcard. It’s in essence providing the ‘money can’t buy’ experiences, access to all, with a total ease of use. In other words a ‘concierge service’.

Can you give some examples of this concierge service?
Absolutely, you know, the Pearlcard has been around for 5 years now. I closed many partnerships, with for example Cardio Care, Gassan Diamonds and Ajax Football. And internationally, we have partnerships with hotel groups, exclusive trip organizers, etc.

And besides offering our services to the fCN network, we decided to include other business networks as well. The Pearlcard offers is such a great service and I didn’t want to deny it to others. So we sat down with a number of large corporates, which now offer the Pearlcard to their VIP clients, This made the Pearlcard an international service, also for international fCN members.

How would you describe the essence of the Pearlcard service?
Well, let me say I think it’s the ultimate customer relations and loyalty tool, all year round. It’s also a private, personalized Pearlcard with specific services that the company offers its VIP customers whereby personalization of the services is key. That is why we gather data from our relations to enable the Pearlcard managers to create personal offerings to strengthen the relationship and grow loyalty. 

What kinds of services are available using the Pearlcard?

Imagine our Pearlcard as a LifeStyle Service. By gathering data from our relations we enable Pearlcard managers to create personal offerings to their customers. This way we help to build it into a real luxury service platform. The Pearlcard is behaving as a true close friend who knows your needs and dreams, very personal, but yet scalable.Within the Pearlcard we have currently defined 6 unique services.

First, there is the Lifestyle service – for things money can’t buy.
This service helps our members to arrange last minute VIP tickets for any kind of experience. Think of tickets to a sold-out concert, a dinner at a fully booked restaurant, you name it, and we will make it happen.

Second, we have the Travel service – besides group and private trips, we also organize incentives and trade missions. We do not just organize the trip, we can also connect you with our international network.

Thirdly, there is the Concierge service – for all your personal hospitality needs.
A great example is one of our members contacted us in the weekend. He was arriving at the airport, on his way to Dubai with his wife to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

However, he had forgotten to get her a gift. Our concierge arranged immediately a visit to the Gassan Diamonds store at the airport, where they were being received with a glass of champagne, and he offered her a beautiful ring. They had the best start of their anniversary you can imagine. Fourth, we have the Healthcare service – offering you the fastest way to the best healthcare. Whether it is an MRI on a Sunday, a second opinion or an unexpected hospital intake, our team is here for you and your loved ones.

Fifth, our Trusted Advisors service can provide card members an independent opinion about mergers, estate planning and property management. Our best lawyers, notaries, accountants and insurers are always there to provide you with the best-trusted advice. All based on personal consultation with your best interest at heart.

Sixth, and most recently added is our Winecircle service. We were so happy to add this service to our Pearlcard last year. What it does is offering our members exclusive access the finest selection of wines and it makes it possible to visit the best wineries worldwide. Our wine service can also offer our members a personal advice, high quality service, but also special discounts and exclusive wine events. On top of that, our wine assortment is easily available online.

That’s a pretty impressive list of services. What are your plans for the near future?
Well, we will never stop developing the Pearlcard and we will always keep adding the best services possible. Right now, I can tell you that we have started offering the Pearlcard as a private label loyalty card. With our current set of unique services, this private label card is the best client relationship tool you can imagine. And companies can now provide our unique services to their clients and employees with their own Pearlcard, white labeled, so with their own company logo and look&feel.

All in all, I would say “stay tuned”, because the Pearlcard is thé customer relations tool, with yet so much more to come!

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