Participation in a fCN trade mission guarantees new connections, inspiration and good business within the group of participants, fCN members and foreign relations! In November 2017, fCN organized a trade mission to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a varied but balanced group of 46 fCN members. In collaboration with José Hak and Jan Hak of QuaTerNes, the Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv and Pearlcard, a wonderful business program has been set up.

A company visit to Mobileye was on schedule, where both Mobileye and Orcam presented themselves. With a value of $ 16 billion, Mobileye currently accounts for 70 percent of the global market for driver assistance systems and anti-collision systems. After these interesting presentations on vision technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, autonomous driving and artificial vision, we visited the Old City of Jerusalem. Led by three guides, we visited the highlights of this beautiful city.

We also had a mini-seminar at the hotel, where Daniela Kandel of Startup Nation Central (SNC) opened. SNC looks for problems around the world and uses their in-depth knowledge of Israeli innovation and our unique opportunities to put this engine to work.

Lastly, we visited Herzilya, where the Dutch ambassador lives. The ambassador provided the circumstances for successful a network and matchmaking event on Dutch soil. The enthusiastic ambassador demonstrated that he wants to connect and help our fCN members on their way to business and expansion in Israel.


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