Last April, Founders Carbon Network organized a trade mission to Japan. A varied group of 35 fCN members joined this trip to ‘The land of the rising sun’. The fantastic program of this trip was compiled in combination with Tenzing Travel and Pearlcard. During this five-day program we have visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Many business connections have been made during this trade mission. Not just connections within the group, but also during the gathering at the residence of the Dutch ambassador in Tokyo. At the residence the group was welcomed by the ambassador himself; Aart Jacobi. Two presentations on trade relations between the Netherlands and Japan and about the opportunities for foreign companies were given by Gerhard Fasol – Founder and CEO Eurotechnology Japan – and Paul Zwetsloot – head of economy.

Afterwards, Aart Jacobi introduced the group to some of his business relations from various industries and international matchmaking took place.

The land of the rising sun, Japan, is known for its modern cities, ancient culture and traditions, fantastic cuisine and beautiful nature. During this trip we have seen and experienced all these fantastic aspects of this country.

We greatly appreciate that so much inspiration could be gained during the program and with each other. Additionally, it is very precious to us that once again such a fine group of fCN members joined this trade mission.


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