Merlin Melles in FD

This week in FD, the interview “Networking in times of distance, how do you do that?”

Merlin Melles is known as the uncrowned network queen of the Netherlands. And who talks to her for half an hour, understands why. When asked how did she overcome  this Corona crisis, she replies that it was very cozy, because her son who studies in London  has been home for a time. But then she switches one gear higher and a deluge follows
to anecdotes about entrepreneurs that she has put together recently linked or brought in contact with advisers, lawyers and others. It’s raining names of prominent entrepreneurs: catering entrepreneur Won Yip, brewery boss Peer Swinkels, Jan Hak, from the vegetables of Hak, and Meine Breemhaar, which recently has bought 15% of Bonaire. The fine fleur of entrepreneurial The Netherlands. Melles knows them and
brings them together, corona crisis or not.

Read the whole interview in Dutch here. 

Portret Merlin Melles
Amsterdam – 10 juli 2020: Merlin Melles in de tuin bij haar kantoor aan het Vondelpark. Foto: Marijn Fidder voor het FD


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