Our own Preuvenemint

During our own two-day fCN Preuvenemint in Maastricht (27th and 28th of August) we organized special guest speakers. 

Ceo Camille Oostwegel welcomed us in his Château Neercanne Coffee with a beautiful view of the Limburg landscape and organized a wine tasting. 

A lunch in the sun-drenched garden of LA BUTTE AUX BOIS LANAKEN in Belgium followed. fCN members Ton Goedmakers of Vebego International B.V. (40,000 employees) Claire Janssen of Dolmans Landscaping Group bv (impressive explanation about sustainable entrepreneurship with 800 employees) and Xavier Cortenraedt of Chapeau Magazine spoke about the current situation, approach and vision for the future. City brewery de Maastrichter Maltezer Tom de Lepper welcomed us next to the Maas and we dined at 't Vrijthof near Britannique. At an appropriate distance, with or without masks, depending on which country we stayed, we enjoyed ourselves and gained beautiful knowledge and connections again! 

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