Private Label Pearlcard

With this ultimate customer relationship tool, you reach your customers all year round!

Your own service card, with your own company logo. The optimal tool for relationship management! You can offer your Private Label Pearlcard to valued customers, business partners or staff and you decide which services are included within this card. In addition, you can personalize the card according to your exact specifications. You will be ‘top of mind’ whenever the cardholder uses any of our many services available.

This makes Pearlcard an exceptional tool for relationship management, which allows you to underline the added value of your company, product or service. We offer the Private Label Pearlcard in order to retain your existing customers and acquire new ones. Pearlcard offers you access to a range of services, thus helping you to build loyalty!
Our Pearlcard Managers are always on hand to assist your customers, business partners or staff with personalized services, exceptional experiences and premium products.

With Pearlcard the possibilities are endless. We believe almost anything is possible and we do everything in our power to make your dreams come true. Once you have your own Private Label Pearlcard, you can, in addition to your own customers, reach out to more than ten thousand  (wealthy) Pearlcard members.

We would like to elaborate on the Private Label Pearlcard through a personal conversation in which we can work on your wishes with regards to customization as well. There are several options to offer your relations the Private Label Pearlcard, both physically and digital. Together we like to work with you towards the ultimate customer relationship experience. Based on the number of Pearlcards and the services you purchase, we charge you the rate per relation.

In order to get an impression of our exclusive services, please visit our website. If you have any additional questions with regards to Pearlcard Private Label, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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