fCN & CN Business Trip Berlin

On Thursday 7 April we departed from Amsterdam to Berlin at 10:20 am with flight KL1823. After arriving in Berlin we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Brochardt. After lunch we made a tour along all the highlights of the city. Afterwards we were welcomed with an exclusive Pernod Ricard drink and we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Restaurant Grace.

The next morning we – as one of the first – made a visit to the Humboldt Forum. fCN member Paul Spies, director of the Stadtmuseum Berlin and former director of the Amsterdam Museum, gave us a personal tour. After this visit we enjoyed a delicious lunch, after which Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam presents the Amazon Harvard Business Case. dr. Philipp S. Mueller, Vice President Amazon Berlin, gave us a presentation about, among other things, the tremendous growth they have experienced and the vision of Amazon.

Interested in one of our other trips where we cover the Harvard Business Cases of various companies? Please contact us at events@fcn-nl.com!

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