Founders Carbon Network


Creating connections – That’s our mission

You can achieve so much in business as a member of the Founders Carbon Network (fCN). That’s all due to our philosophy. As a high-end business club for entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs, we do everything possible to bring people and ideas together. Personal connections create new partnerships, new opportunities and new markets. The sum result is growth – both commercial and personal.

fCN stands for passion, goodwill and cooperation. Our network currently has some five hundred members, all of whom are truly at the ‘top of their game’. They are leading decision-makers who are willing to open up their own networks to fellow members. fCN is therefore a very influential business ‘family’, with a unique identity and unrivalled quality.

A notable feature of fCN is that its members represent virtually all business sectors. They are business people who dare to share. This alone can generate much new business. fCN is an ecosystem in which there is ongoing cross-pollination at our various networking events, workshops, symposiums and seminars. Frequent interpersonal contact helps you to forge new connections and create new partnerships.

fCN offers many other benefits. Members have direct access to the international network of fCN Global, which covers Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. It creates countless opportunities to extend your business into new markets, as do the regular trade missions organized by fCN and our close contacts with influencers such as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information about Founders Carbon Network, please refer to the fCN-website. 

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