Managers Carbon Network

Managers Carbon Network (MCN) is a professional network that aims to establish new business relationships and to facilitate personal and business successes. This network is a spinoff of Founders Carbon Network (fCN) and consists of empowered managers and executives of leading firms, freelancers, SME businesses and board members.

There is a high goodwill factor amongst the members as everyone is willing to share their business relationships with other members. This makes MCN an impressive network that has no equal one when it comes to quality and identity.

An MCN-membership offers a wide variety of advantages. As a member of MCN, you will get access to:

  • Empowered people from various branches;
  • MCN network events;
  • Events combined with fCN;
  • Company visits;
  • Trade missions abroad;
  • Knowledge events;
  • MCN Services powered by Pearlcard;
  • Qragt balance coach and helpdesk;
  • Unlimited access to Online Academy, which facilitates Life Long Learning.

The membership contribution is €1.495,- (excluding VAT).

For more information about Managers Carbon Network, please refer to the MCN-website.

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